Corpse of Missing Four-Year-Old Boy Found With Body Parts Removed

By Alabidun Shuaib AbdulRahman

The body of four-year-old Eleazar Ishiya, who was reported missing a few days ago, has been found in a manhole adjacent to Mr Biggs in the Jabi area of Abuja.

According to a family member, Ishiya was last seen on Friday, March 3, at Filin Ball, Jabi Daki Biyu.

Eyewitness, Joel Joseph, revealed that the body was already in a state of decay when it was discovered in the manhole.

He also reported that the victim’s tongue, anus, and genitals were chopped off, and his eyes were plucked out.

Joseph concluded that the killers were likely ritualists and that they had dumped the child’s body in the pit at night.

The victim’s mother described Ishiya as a smart and bright child who was a nursery one pupil and the only child of the family.

She recounted how he disappeared while trying to buy sweets with a N10 note before being bathed.

She expressed her horror at the torture inflicted on her son, and her belief that his killers would be brought to justice through divine intervention.

The mother did not reveal any leads to the perpetrators but called on them to consider themselves already dead.

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