Drama Heats Up in BBTitans House as Biggie Shocked Contestants with Eviction Strike

The drama is heating up in the Big Brother Titans house as the housemates turn on each other in the ultimate power struggle.

Biggie, the all-knowing and all-powerful host, shocked the contestants by pairing them up with their opposite gender and nationality.

He announced that each pair would be playing the game together, and if one member of a pair received a strike, they would be evicted or disqualified – taking their partner down with them.

As tensions rose during the nomination process, Biggie asked the pairs to nominate other pairs for eviction. The housemates were forced to make tough decisions and betray their allies, leading to a fiery round of nominations that left everyone on edge.

With Sunday’s eviction looming, the housemates are scrambling to secure their spot in the game and avoid the dreaded strike.

Here is how they nominated:

Thabang and Nana nominate Theo/Yvonne and Justin/Yvonne

Nelisa and Yemi nominate Sandra/Theo and Justin/Yvonne

Juicy Jay/Olivia nominate Thabang/Nana and Theo/Sandra

Jaypee/Lukay nominate Sandra/Theo and Yemi/Nelisa

Yvonne/Justin nominate Tsatsii/Ebubu Yemi/Nelisa

Tsatsii/Ebubu nominate Sandra/Theo and Jaypee/Lukay

Kanaga/Blue Aiva nominate Jaypee/Lukay and Olivia/Juicy Jay

Marvin/Yaya nominate Sandra/Theo and Khosi/Miracle

Jennie O/Mmeli nominate Sandra/Theo and Tsatsii/Ebubu

Sandra/Theo nominate Khosi/Miracle and Thabang/Nana

Miracle/Khosi nominate Sandra/Theo and Tsatsii/Ebubu

At the end of the process Nelisa, Yemi, Yvonne, Justin, Sandra, Theo

Ebubu and Tsatsii were nominated for eviction.

However, the HOH BlaqLeng saved Royalty (Ebubu and Tsatsii) and replaced them with Olivia and Juicy Jay.

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